5 RFP Pitfalls to Avoid When Searching for The Best Digital Signage Partner

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Choosing to issue a digital signage request for proposal (RFP) does more than signal you are entering the market as a buyer. It communicates that you’re looking to forge a mutually beneficial relationship with a like-minded solutions provider. As such, issuing an RFP should allow you to separate the sellers from the potential partners.

One of the best ways to prepare for an RFP is to map out the obstacles and hazards that can disrupt your progress from drafting to dissemination to ingesting and vetting proposals. We’ve identified the five most frequently encountered pitfalls during the RFP process. They also happen to be the ones most likely to leave you wishing you’d struck a deal with a better digital signage provider.

Take a sneak peek at the first two pitfalls we outline in our full guide:


Not Identifying a Clear Business Objective

How does the proposed project help your organization meet its goals? Unless your RFP can answer this question, its odds of winning the approval of your organization’s senior-level decision-makers are not as favorable as they could be.


Issuing Requirements that Lack Differentiated Criteria

The inclusion of differentiated criteria better enables buyers to identify which bidding company can deliver the best results. From a vendor’s perspective, this is an opportunity to document key differentiators.


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