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About the On-Demand Webinar

In our recently completed survey, respondents across the board made one point very, very clear. They don’t necessarily want to do all of their shopping online. In fact, many of them, both young and old, said there are things about in-store shopping that they preferred, and they’d be willing to return to physical locations if some of the conveniences of online shopping could be replicated. Good news: They can. How you actually do that is what we will discuss in this webinar.

In this recording you will learn:

  • How physical retail can compete with and beat online shopping
  • What online experiences shoppers are looking for in the physical store
  • Why implementing a digital signage network for your retail locations is more critical than ever
  • How you can leverage technology you already have to give customers the shopping experience they want

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Featuring Matt Schmitt and Lee Summers. Hosted by Bob Sanders.


Matt Schmitt

Founder and President

Matt Schmitt is one of the pioneers of the digital signage industry. After helping establish Broadcast.com and assisting with the acquisition of the company by Yahoo, Matt developed technology to help address the challenge of delivering rich media experiences over resource-constrained networks. This technology formed the basis of ReflectView, now one of the most advanced, scalable, flexible digital signage platforms. In his role at Reflect, Matt helps clients define and execute digital signage strategies that deliver compelling business outcomes.


Lee Summers

Cheif Executive Officer

Lee was appointed Chief Executive Officer in Jan. 2017, but his relationship with Reflect began several years before as head of Marketing/Technology for the Berkshire Hathaway companies of Nebraska Furniture Mart and Grandscape where he oversaw all immersive customer engagement and was responsible for the overall direction, resource allocation and operations of customer facing digital technology groups throughout all NFM markets. While in this role, his collaboration with Reflect earned a 2016 Digi Award for Best Digital Signage in Retail – Local Roll-Out. The same year he was also named 2016 Retail Innovator of the Year by Retail TouchPoints.


Bob Sanders

Chief Operating Officer

Bob Sanders joined Reflect in October 2018 as Executive Vice President of Sales and moved into his current role of Chief Operating officer in October 2019. Bob brings over 25 years of experience in management, process improvement, sales and marketing to the Reflect team. Prior to joining Reflect, Bob was most recently CEO for Axiom Sales Force Development, a leader in sales productivity improvement. Bob holds a BS in Marketing from Miami University.

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