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The Keys to Deploying an Optimal Digital Out of Home Network

At the heart of any out-of-home network is a purpose for it to exist, and content for it to present. As digital out-of-home, also known as DOOH, networks have become more widespread, powerful, and capable, the tech behind driving and controlling them has evolved considerably.

When considering the installation or upgrade of a digital media network, there are many factors to consider, including several key things that have only become available in the last few years. This guide presents key factors and features to consider when making your next move in the digital media world, whether it is the launch of a new network or an upgrade to your existing systems.

Tech is always marching forward at a rate that makes it difficult to stay aware of the latest and greatest things. Considering factors like which Content Management System (CMS) to use, how to design passive and dynamic content, how to build and deploy interactive customer 


experiences, and how to make sure it all works together can be daunting.

This guide is your insider’s view cheat-sheet to make informed decisions by reviewing key features and learning how to engage the right subject matter experts to help you succeed with digital media networks, dynamic content creation, and content management solutions.

Key Considerations:

  • OOH vs. Web Platform
  • Cloud vs. On-Site
  • Scalability & Reliability
  • Content Redefined
  • Network Monetization